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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Flooring Needs

We offer flooring solutions for manufacturing, industrial, medical, retail, offices, and residential locations. However, we are not limited to just these locations.

Commercial Flooring

Time is money in the manufacturing and industrial sectors of business. The end result will determine your success or re-evaluation of the situation. Here at Two Brothers Coatings we understand that down time doesn't work. However, what does work is having a professional team that will respect your down time, and will move quickly with installation of  a quality flooring system.

Epoxy, stained, and polished concrete options are popular when looking for the long term investment. No Wax, Durable, and High-Gloss results for your restaurant, industrial, manufacturing, or distribution center.


Residential Flooring

Tired of looking at those cracks and spalling in your garage floor? No worries, we have you covered with a variety of decorative, durable, and sustainable garage flooring.

Not only are we garage flooring experts, we can take this same flooring system and place it into your place of business, outside deck, or others part of your home with proven results.

We are determined to produce quality results that our customers have grown to expect. Call us today!


Concrete must be properly prepared before a coating can be applied. Epoxy coatings are also referred to as “epoxy paint.” And like any other paint job, proper preparation of the surface is essential. 

Preparing a concrete floor (removing oil spots, cleaning/de-greasing the floor, scrubbing, vacuuming, etc.) can be quite labor intensive. Applying the epoxy coating properly so as to avoid blistering, puckering, flaking, or other application errors is best done by our trained, professional concrete flooring staff.


Repair Management

At every location, we always provide our customers a thorough inspection. We will report if there are any serious cracks or weak infrastructure to the concrete, and poor foundation with sinking or rising issues.

Before we start the process of applying a new flooring system we address these issues so we can ultimately provide our customers with a quality floor.

In this example, we are not limited to just floors but also concrete staircases, curbs and other concrete related structures.

Special Projects

The sky is the limit when considering flooring options, decorative designs, and considering colors. Our metallic flooring options, stained concrete, and polished concrete with decorative designs included have been very popular.


Have you considered placing a company logo, quote, or phase into your floor? This too has been very popular when thinking of your flooring options.

For example, having your company logo at the main entrance of your business, or favorite phrase/logo on your garage floor. Ask us how we can customize your floor

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